Gastro Trend AG, Швейцария

When you find your products being used on the world’s largest cruise ships and the most elegant private yachts, you are filled with pride. MENU SYSTEM finds itself in this fortunate situation; in more and more luxury cruise liners and private yachts, our advanced induction-powered cooking suites and individual units are an invaluable part of galley foodservice.

We mean to provide only the best products and services to our business partners. So to deal with the demand and special wishes of the cruise lines and private yacht owners, we have established the Marine Division called “Gastro Trend AG” within the MENU SYSTEM Group.

The MENU SYSTEM story began more than 25 years ago, when our first clients were hotels and restaurants. The advantages of our worldwide patented products include quality of use, safety, energy consumption and ecology, and these very things have long been the answers to the needs of chefs, restaurant and hotel owners. No wonder that soon our technology was being used in airline and railway foodservice, and in just a few years more found itself a must-have on the high seas.

Much of our products’ excellent reputation comes from the way we manufacture. We use only the highest quality materials. Further, we customize each cooking suite to the client’s specifications. In other word, MENU SYSTEM delivers tailor-made individuality.

Take a look for yourself. Our homepage will give you a first-hand view of our products developed for the marine industry and give you a brief glimpse into MENU SYSTEM as a company. If you’d like to learn more about induction technology, our product range or the Marine Division, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you, anytime, worldwide!